Kilts and Tartan

The tartan used by McStuff is woven at the Loch Carron mill in Scotland. It is 100% pure new wool. We also have a weaver in Vancouver. Between the two suppliers we have at our fingertips thousands of tartans in four different weights.

These people sell a quality product at reasonable prices. We can supply tartan to make your own kilt or we can have a kilt made by a reputable kilt maker.

Because most tartan fabric comes from Scotland, prices change with the change of world wool markets and may not be exactly as printed here. A financial agreement form will be sent when a kilt is ordered.

Regulation Kilts
Gents and Pipe Bands generally wear regulation Kilts. For all kilts a measurement form will be sent to get customers measurements and a financial agreement form will be sent.

Casual Kilts
These kilts are made of half as much cloth and are sewn by machine. They are lighter and cooler in the summer. Casual kilts can be worn by anyone. Prices are dependant on size of hip and cannot be calculated exactly until order is made.

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