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Highland dancing was originally done as military training for Scotsmen, back in the days when the English forbade the Scots to maintain a militia. Today, highland dancing is primarily an art form performed by males and females alike. While no longer military in nature, highland is still quite a workout - with leaps and jumps being integral to the art form. Today's highland dancing is subdivided into two categories of dances: Highland Dances and National Dances.

The highland dances are performed in a traditional kilt and are the more military precise dances. These include the Highland Fling, the Ghillie Callum (or Sword Dance) and the Seann Triubbhas, to name just a few.

The national dances, in comparison, are more graceful and balletic than the highland dances. These developed to tell stories of Scottish life and heroes. Females perform these dances in a specific dress known as the Aboyne, while males have the option of wearing their kilt or tartan trews. These dances include the Scottish Lilt, Flora MacDonald's Fancy and Highland Laddie, to name just a few.

Cheryl Rosborough

Ph: 250-558-8565  /  Email:

Cheryl Rosborough is the director and dance instructor of the Aviemore School of Highland Dance.  The majority of her dance training was in the lower mainland under the tutelage of Lorraine Graf.  As a competitive Highland Dancer, Cheryl traveled throughout Canada, North America and Scotland.  Highest achievements included 6th overall in the World Championships,  Champion of the CNE Championship and San Diego Championship; second runner up in the Calgary, Montreal, Antigonish and Winnipeg Inter-Provincial Championships.

Cheryl is a fellow of the Scottish Dance Teachers Alliance as well as a fully qualified adjudicator of the Scottish Dance Teachers Alliance as well as a fully qualified adjudicator of the Scotish Official Board of Highlnad dance.

Chauntal Rosborough is an Associate Member of the Scottish Dance Teachers Alliance board Chauntal has completed all theory grade levels and is a qualified Associate Teacher .

Aviemore school policy is based on respect to all dancers, our friends, parents as well as teachers.  It is the policy of the school that the teachers teach dance based on positive motivation.  However, it is also important that all dancers understand that discipline in class is an important element of their training.  Parents are welcomed to attend and sit in at any class.

Aviemore School of Highland Dance
4411- 29th St (City Dance Okanagan)
Vernon, B.C.
Phone:  250-558-8565

Classes Schedule:


5:45 pm -6:30 pm  - Primary & Beginner

6:30pm - 8:00 pm Combo Class - Junior & Senior


5:15 - pm - 6:30 pm  - Jr. Class / Beginners / Novice / Intermediate

6:30 pm - 8:00 pm  - Senior Dance Class